I am a sculptor using glass and other forms of mixed media to create auditory sculptures that evoke a heightened sense of emotion and engagement of the viewer. My work combines my love of sound with my passion for creating tangible forms.

I chose sculpture since it bring forth the intricacy of the third dimension that is lost in medias such as painting or drawing. By utilizing space my works are more engaging for both myself, in their creation, and the audience, in their viewing. I choose glass as my material not only because of its aesthetic luminescence, but also for its resonant quality that cannot be matched by any other material. I experiment with the nature of glass and ceramics to create percussion and wind instruments from both materials. Currently, I am expanding on this body of work by creating, tuning, and assembling glass bar percussion instruments. The use of sound furthers the audience's interaction by incorporating time. Sound can bring about emotions that are left untapped by the simplicity of a static form.

Being a musician, as well as an artist, I use my knowledge of auditory resonance and its structure, to create sculptures with life. My work comes from my love of operatic expression and the physical climax of emotions felt from experiencing a live performance. My purpose is to give the audience an in depth physical and emotive involvement with my work.

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