S. Elayne Ashley

Scientific Work

I moved from Florida to the Delaware Valley to study scientific glassblowing at Salem College. I have spent much of my time volunteering as the Chairperson for the Delaware Valley Section of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society and acting as a student liaison to assist local junior members to become more involved.

Artistic Work

While my artwork has been on the back burner these last few years, I am still expressing myself when I can. I have been working on smaller falmeworked pieces lately and was able to show off some new designs at the Glass Fashion Show in Corning, NY!

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Formally trained in scientific glassblowing and hotshop glass, I can create many custom works for a wide range of applications.  I have flameworked soft glass, borosilicate, and quartz on the bench and lathe. My other glass skills include hotshop blown glass, hot cast glass, grinding and polishing, Rayzist and decals on glass, fusing and slumping glass.  Do you need something made of glass? All inquiries accepted, just shoot me an email!

[email protected] | 407.408.6304

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